Feels So Heavy – NEW single & video

Hola dear Pines,

Dave G here…

HotPress magazine premiered our latest single and video this morning. Thanks HP x

Check out “Feels So Heavy” here:

The idea for this collaboration landed when I saw a short documentary on the writer and Director Roy Spence, a native of Northern Ireland. Upon seeing this particular film “Keep Watching the Skies”, I knew it would work really well, re-told to the music of “Feels So Heavy”.
Hope you enjoy.

Here’s some more info on Roy and his pioneering film-making here:

For the past 50 years, Roy Spence has been making and screening a series of remarkable and sometimes eccentric films in his cinema in Comber, Co. Down. The films span many genres from sci-fi, horror to folk-life documentaries shot between 1965 and 1986.

Over the past decade there has been a renewed appreciation of his work and his films are considered to be of national significance. Through a joint initiative set by the British Film Institute, Northern Ireland Screen and the Irish Film Institute, The Roy Spence Collection, a selection of 22 of his films, is now available on the IFI Player at www.ifiplayer.ie.

Included as part of the collection are: The Tomb of Frankenstein, in which strange old hermit uses witchcraft to give life to the dead Frankenstein monster; two children encounter a giant robot while playing on the beach in The Drumlin; inspired by the American horror films from the late 1950s, Keep Watching the Skies focuses on a teenager and his girlfriend who manage to convince the police of the existence of an all-consuming creature; Specimens, which finds a stranded alien on a mission awoken during a quarry excavation; and Attack of the Saucer People, which finds a group of amateur filmmakers inadvertently filming an actual Alien spaceship.

Roy Spence’s entire filmography is now preserved at the IFI Irish Film Archive in Dublin.